Monday, June 4, 2018

May 2018

 The May meeting of Fellowship Quilters was well attended and everyone had a great time.  Many members have returned from their winter retreats and we had a big meeting!!  Our program was a fantastic one presented by Karen, pictured below, giving directions for the 3D folded block. 


 Ruth was sewing up a storm and the block below was the result.

 Great examples and the different  patterns  Karen made are below.  Thanks to Karen for all her work in presenting this fantastic program.

 This is the book that she used and it is a rare find because it is out of print.
 Bobbie has been busy and will donate this  Habitat for Humanity.

 Claudia took a class and made this embroidered pouch to keep scissors and many other things.
 Carol made this stunning quilt from a pattern that was done in Christmas colors...she changed them and it turned out fantastic.  She also made the kids quilt below using a panel that she cut up into an adorable quit. 

 We made the fidgit quilts and here are some examples of some that members took home to finish.  Fun times and to  a good cause.
 Connie has finished her seasonal wool wall hangings and needed a new now it is wool pillows!  She whip stitched instead of using the blanket stitch which went much faster!!

 Della is working on her seasonal wall hangings and is ready for the fall!!
 Ruth has been busy at her sewing machine and making baby quilts is her passion.  This is a cute monkey and lion quilt.
 Table runner for herself to practice the flange binding we did last month

 Two more baby quilts, one a flannel rag quilt.

 Barb made this quilt called the Delectable Mountains and uses a layer cake.  Interesting pattern!
 The tulips below are stunning and so is the scalloped edge.
 We have seen a parade of surplus  Toro bags that members have taken and made their own.  Great way to carry a quilt.
 Vi out did herself in this stunning quilt.  It was quilted by Chris, a member, who does a fantastic job.
 The quilt below is a 4 patch and 4 quarters.  Love the colors and such a simple pattern.

 Patty made this T shirt quilt for the son of a friend.  I have not made one and it is on my bucket list.
 Marcia showed the adorable cat wall hangings above and the quilt below which is from a class she took from Laura Hinne.

 Judy has made two wall hangings for friends.  So sweet.

 Jacky made the pouch above for storing many items and the re purposed Toro bag below.  We all have different visions for them.
The leadership group above holding a Thank You present from Vi and Barb.  It is a fat quarter folded like a cupcake.  So cute.  My grand kids want to eat it!!
Judy reported back on the Church's response to Fellowship Quilters wanting to be more visible to church members.  They were enthusiastic to all our ideas...stay tuned.  We will also keep watch on  the orphanage for girls  in Columbia that the church is supporting to see what we can contribute.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

March Madness

 Ruth Ann Berry came  to Fellowship Quilters and had a Trunk Show and Sale of patterns and kits. Her store is in Fife Lake and called Fabric Clinic.   Wow. wow , wow is the best I can say.  I decided to post all the pictures I took...with her permission and I am not sure I can get the names correct but will give it a try.  The first quilts were from her first book and is at Bargello.  She has her own way of doing it and demo'd it for us.  She uses 3 colorways, 8 colors for each .  This is taught as a class at Renee's.

 Her second book is called Bargello Tangled

 one is called Tangled Angles and one is All Tangled...not sure which is which??

 The blue and yellow is called Tackle box and the one below is Garden Hoses

 The one above is Jewlery Box and the one below is Sneaker Laces...not sure those are correct.

 Ruth Ann used Equalateral Triangles to make these quilts.  The colors and the way they are stacked changes the way the quilt looks.  I lost track with these names of the quilt patterns...they are so unique and beautiful to look at...enjoiy!

 She used photos that she printed on fabric for these impressive quilts.  They are just stunning and really pop with color and beauty.

 The framing of these quilts is amazing.  Love the one that is off center.

Ruth Ann had many good sales from members and joined us for lunch.  Thanks to everyone who attended and our leaders for getting Ruth Ann for our program!!