Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Making Merry in May

 Our May meeting was well attended and lots of fun.  Karen instructed us in the Mola process of creating a wonderful picture.  Lots of creative juices going with this project.  It is always good for the brain to learn something new.
Weare winding down another year of great projects and fellowship with quilting.  We have new leaders for next year led by Pat.  She is taking suggestions and making inquiries for what sounds like an exciting year.  We are a very talented group that always suprises me at the depth of ideas and projects.
 Barb is hard at work on the quilting part of the Mola project.  I like how the word prayer is looking over her shoulder!  I did not plan is on the door to the prayer garden.  Wow!
 Ruth's project turned out great and Sharon is showing how you have to cut away the fabric after you do  your quilting.  It is importatnt to cut the right areas.  The end product is always a surprise.
 So here are the finished projects from today.  Impresive!!!

 Sue showed this sweet wall quilt that is hand stitched.  She is hosting a Stitch Club at Interquilten Quilt Shop.  It is the second Saturday in June from 11 to 1 pm and has a $5 material fee.  She features a new hand stitch each gathering.  Sue shared that she is enjoying re learning the stitches her late mother taught her.  Memories are so precious.  Call to reserve your spot if you are interested.
 Vi showed us her minature quilt from last month.  They all turned out so great!
 Connie has showed this wool quilt before but now it is quilted.  It is even more beautiful.  The long arm quilter used wool batting that helped raise up the wool flowers a bit.  Very fantastic!
 We always have such interesting stories.  Lynn does not remember where she got this blocks but they have  been gathering dust in her closet for awhile.  She offered it to anyone who is willing to put them together.  Can't wait to see the results!
 The quilt above is a fractured 9 patch.  It is such a great pattern and the quilts always turn out fantastic,  The quilt below is from scraps...pretty nice.
 Karen brought her miniature quilt to show.
 Kate has been busy with lots of results
 The quilt below is a graduation quit.
 The quilt below is made from wool and is for the area in her kitchen that has a vaulted ceiling.  It will be very striking!!

 Pat made a frog bag/purse and it had a baby!!   Marcia took a class in Illinois and the quilt below is made from 2 inch scraps that are twisted and stitched down.  Very striking.

 She also took anAnn Loveless workshop and made an impresionist and a collage project.

 Jacky made this bag with has not had a baby yet!
 She also made the quilt above for a grandaughter and a pillow case to match!

 Kathy showed her salvage project that she cut up and them resewed into a pillow.  Also a baby quilt for a cousin..called stacked...because it looks like stacks of books.  Jelly roll easy.

 Ruth brought us all to tears with the story of the quilt above.  She bought the quilt top at a silent auction for $25.  It is hand pieced and Ruth felt it needed to be hand quilted.  She titled it :Little Orphan Annie" .  I know the original owner would be so pleased with the outcome.  It is beautiful!
 Sharon showed this quilt which was a challange quilt..she had to use 60% donated fabrics.

 Dianne made this flannel baby blanket,,one we have done in class..but put some ribbon on it to make it more fancy.  So cute.

 Well Sue is always busy and once again has lots to show us.

 The quilt below was made at a retreat and called Midnight Quilter.  Very striking.

The quilt below is called Wave Frames and was from the Fife Lake quilt shop called Quilter Therapy.  It is very easy to make , Sue says, and turned

 The Minatures just keep cute.
 Tracy had several wall quilts from todays project.
 Della made this for her neice and it is a Missoure Star Pattern.

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